BFA Thesis

This body of work explores how nature is used and encountered. I am drawn to the natural environment, and strive to explore tension that occurs between it and the industrial, man made environment that people encounter every day. The work becomes a symbol of the delicate balance needed for both environments to remain stable and productive. Through the use of symbols and colors derived from various insects, and through the use of mechanical and industrial processed in the composition and construction of the work, this balance is achieved.  Each piece uses specific imagery and forms of insects but is executed via water jet cutting, powder coating, 3D printing, metal casting, and fabric printing, showing that there can be a balance between the two environments if care is taken. Through gained understanding of one’s natural environment, one can than consider how to create a productive balance in the world. It is by wearing and interacting with the work that such discoveries are made, and in doing so the wearer gets to decide, and curate what they have on and what sort of equilibrium might be found.

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